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windows & garden



I am very fortunate to live in a beautiful house that has amazing windows everywhere that let in light all through the day. Last week there was particularly lovely spring light coming through my kitchen windows so I spent some time capturing it. These photographs were captured in my twin lens on 120 Black and White film which I developed myself.

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Pingyao International Photography Festival, China


Here are some images from Beijing, the Great Wall of China and Pingyao.

Iam really glad that i stuck it out and only shot on film while i was away, as it was challenging and i did miss a few good shots but overall it has been such a pleasure scanning the film and seeing the images for the first time- opposed to seeing them immediately after I pressed the shutter 3 weeks ago!

There is a magic that revolves around film that is just unbeatable, similar to the magic that is present in China. It is an ancient country- there is no denying that- but it is trying so hard to fit in with the rest of the world. Things really stand out in these colour shots, the red lanterns and the blue mountains, when everything else is just different shades of grey- and that was what it was like there in real life. So dusty, dirty and misty that everything was just grey, with a few exceptions.