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‘box brownie adventures in port adelaide’

Over the past few months I have been working on this series ‘Box Brownie Adventures in Port Adelaide’ for the Port Adelaide Festival that was on the weekend just past (the 19th & 20th of October). I was asked to be involved in the festival and create some new work that was taken in and around the post code of Port Adelaide, 5015.

My first experience with using a Box Brownie camera was placing photographic paper in the back of the camera and creating a paper negative, then contact printing it in the darkroom. The images I created when I was mucking around at this time (early 2010) are some of my favourite images Ive ever captured.

I decided to dabble back into this way of image capturing for this series of work. So I spent a few days walking around the Port with my dark bag and brownie camera-looking a bit like a creep as every time I took a photograph I had to place the camera in the dark bag and change the paper in the back of the camera. It is a very slow way of image making, that really makes you question, ‘is this image worth all the trouble?’ but I really enjoyed the whole process.

I was really happy with the negatives that I captured over my few days and headed into my home darkroom to contact print them all. In the end I had nine photographs up in the exhibition and think I really managed to capture the historic atmosphere of the place thanks largely to the paper negative process.